List of Accepted Papers

Explainable Deep Behavioral Sequence Clustering for Transaction Fraud Detection
Wei Min, Weiming Liang, Hang Yin, Zhurong Wang, Alok Lal and Mei Li
Corporate Cyber-security Event Detection Platform
Zheng Nie, Jingjing Feng, Steve Pomerville and Azadeh Nematzadeh
Data Augmentation Methods for Reject Inference in Credit Risk Models
Jingxian Liao, Wei Wang, Jason Xue and Anthony Lei
AR-Stock: Deep Augmented Relational Stock Prediction
Tianxin Wei, Yuning You and Tianlong Chen
Building a Credit Risk Model using Transfer Learning and Domain Adaptation
Hendra Suryanto, Charles Guan, Ada Guan, Pengqian Li, Paul Compton, Michael Bain and Ghassan Beydoun
Boosting over Deep Learning for Earnings
Stephen Choi, Xinyue Cui and Jingran Zhao
Leaking Sensitive Financial Accounting Data in Plain Sight using Deep Autoencoder Neural Networks
Marco Schreyer, Christian Schulze and Damian Borth
Sensitive Data Detection with High-Throughput Neural Network Models for Financial Institutions
Anh Truong, Austin Walters and Jeremy Goodsitt
Knowledge discovery with Deep RL for selecting financial hedges
Eric Benhamou, David Saltiel, Sandrine Ungari, Abhishek Mukhopadhyay, Jamal Atif and Rida Laraki
A Comparison of Multi-View Learning Strategies for Satellite Image-Based Real Estate Appraisal
Jan-Peter Kucklick and Oliver Müller
PayVAE: A Generative Model for Financial Transactions
Niccolo Dalmasso, Robert Tillman, Prashant Reddy and Manuela Veloso